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What is Paylex?

In recent years there has been a sharp, public focus on employers who have underpaid staff or engaged in other unlawful behaviour. Employers large and small have been required to compensate employees and pay significant penalties as a result of enforcement action.

The trend in Employment Law is one of ever-growing complexity and rapid change. Most compliance problems arise out of inadvertence and are not deliberate, but nonetheless pose significant legal, financial and reputational risk to an organisation.  

As this issue became more prominent across multiple industries, it became increasingly apparent that employers need to get ahead of the curve. Rather than having an underpayment issue or other compliance issues brought to their attention through a complaint or claim, a good employer should be proactive and audit their employment practice periodically to address any compliance issues. 

With that in mind, WilliamsonBarwick has developed a service called Paylex, a proactive compliance risk management tool.  

With Paylex, we undertake a review of an organisation’s employment practices and produce a confidential report to the client which identifies any errors and makes any necessary recommendations. 

Adrian Barwick
Solicitor Director and Accredited Specialist, Employment & Industrial Law

How Can Paylex Help Your Organisation?

In 2021, the Fair Work Ombudsman recovered more than $148 million for underpaid workers. 

It is important for all employers, big or small, to prioritise investing in payroll and workplace relations systems and expertise to ensure their employees are paid lawfully.

Paylex is a compliance risk management tool that can help you do just that. 

How it Works

Using our Paylex service, the WilliamsonBarwick team will assess your current employment practices and identify any payroll errors or misinterpreted award classifications. Think of it as an audit of your employment practices and payroll practices. 

We will then produce a confidential easy-to-read report detailing any recommendations to remedy these errors. This way, you can proactively avoid a Fair Work audit, potential back-paid wages and entitlements and pecuniary penalties. 

When to organise your Paylex Report

We recommend conducting a Paylex audit once a year to stay ahead of the curve. However, you should also consider doing it in one of the following instances:

Management Change

Organisational Restructure

Award Updates

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) made increased use of enforcement tools in 2020-21, recovering $16.5 million in unpaid wages and entitlements. This is more than double the amount from 2020-21.

More than $148 Million was recovered by the FWO in 2021, which included more than $81 million in underpayments.

70% of pay processes show errors of overpayments, with some estimated to cost employers millions of dollars.

Over 130 industry & occupation awards cover most employees working in Australia. Yearly changes to awards and working conditions can make this complicated.

Why Choose the WilliamsonBarwick Team?

Paylex is a risk management tool that identifies compliance issues with your employment practices. Too often, businesses discover errors only after a legal liability has arisen. A Paylex Report gets you on the front foot with employment laws, awards and enterprise agreements.

With over 20 years of specialist experience, the WilliamsonBarwick lawyers have managed some of the most challenging and complex employment law issues.

From financial institutions through to SCHADS and Non for Profit organisations, we understand the complex needs of each sector.

Following your Paylex report, our team can support your compliance by offering follow-up legal advice and drafting.


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