Quality Policy

  1. Intent
    1. The intent of this policy is to demonstrate our commitment to providing the highest level achievable in the quality of our services in accordance with client requirements and the applicable statutory, regulatory and industry requirements.
  2. Application of this policy
    1. This policy is applicable to WilliamsonBarwick in all its operations and functions.
  3. Policy and procedures
    1. WilliamsonBarwick aims to achieve improved productivity, efficiency, and quality by having an effective and properly managed Business Management System conforming with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
    2. WilliamsonBarwick’s objectives are measurable and consistent with the quality policy, including commitment to continual improvement of the Management System, organisational excellence, and quality awareness through:
      (a) innovative process improvements;
      (b) training our employees;
      (c) offering competitive rates; and
      (d) providing value for money to our clients.
    3. WilliamsonBarwick will provide strong leadership and lead by example to ensure all our employees:
      (a) understand and take ownership of our quality and service standards;
      (b) provide value-adding service and gain high levels of client satisfaction;
      (c) provide ongoing improvement by setting high standard quality requirements; and
      (d) are encouraged to voice new ideas and innovations and continuously review and improve our work processes.
  4. Further information
    1. If you require further information, contact the Practice Manager, Tracey Rochester: (02) 9251 4900, txr@williamsonbarwick.com.

A full copy of this policy is available for download here.

A Critical Risk Assessment For Your Business

In recent years there has been a sharp, public focus on employers who have underpaid staff or engaged in other unlawful behaviour. Employers large and small have been required to compensate employees and pay significant penalties as a result of enforcement action. The trend in Employment Law is one of ever-growing complexity and rapid change. Most compliance problems arise out of inadvertence and are not deliberate, but nonetheless pose significant legal, financial and reputational risk to an organisation.


Employment Law can be complicated. A sound understanding is required of how the law of contract and employment statutes intersect and inform your rights and duties. So our goal is to provide legal advice that is clear, timely and concise. As specialists, we understand and can explain how the law applies to your situation and what your legal options are.

Workplace Investigation

When a serious allegation is made in the workplace, it may be necessary to appoint an external investigator to determine the facts so you know what action to take. WilliamsonBarwick can appoint an investigator for you and oversee the investigation process, so as to provide you with confidential legal advice on the investigator’s findings.

Employment Disputes

Disputes with employees can be costly, distracting and stressful for management and employees alike. You can’t always avoid a dispute arising, but with our help you can implement a strategy to resolve the problem in a timely manner and minimise disruption to your business.





Accredited Specialist, Employment & Industrial Law – One Easy-to-Read Report – Confidential Consultation & Support – Protected by Legal Professional Privilege.

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