Environmental Policy

  1. Intent
    1. The intent of this policy is to set out details about the measures that we have developed to operate our business in a manner that recognises the importance of protecting our environment.
  2. Application of this policy
    1. This policy applies to all employees of WilliamsonBarwick. It does not form part of the contract of employment of an employee, but may be used by WilliamsonBarwick as part of a work direction.
  3. Policy and procedures
    1. General provisions
      WilliamsonBarwick is committed to implementing measures that ensure we are protecting our environment.
    2. Recycling initiatives
      WilliamsonBarwick arranges for office waste to be appropriately recycled where recycling is available for the relevant waste. This includes fully participating in the following recycling opportunities:
      (a) arranging for paper waste to be recycled from the office, including providing all employees with paper waste disposal bins and encouraging them to use such bins; and
      (b) using all recycling opportunities that are made available to tenants of the building in which it is located.
    3. Energy Usage
      WilliamsonBarwick continues to explore where it can improve its energy efficiency. Measures that have been implemented include the use of timer clocks to ensure the air-conditioning system is not unnecessarily operating outside of working hours. Sensor lights have been installed to automatically turn lights off when not in use within our work space.
  4. Other initiatives
    1. WilliamsonBarwick continues to actively explore and pursue opportunities to reduce its paper usage through seeking to maintain a principally cloud based file storage system (where appropriate), rather then relying upon paper based files.
    2. We continue to be interested in pursuing initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our waste, improve energy efficiency and minimise other adverse environmental impacts.
    3. Our employees are all encouraged to use public transport (where available) to travel to work, rather than driving petrol guzzling vehicles into the CBD.
  5. Further information
    1. If you require further information, contact the Practice Manager, Tracey Rochester: (02) 9251 4900, txr@williamsonbarwick.com.

A full copy of this policy is available for download here

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