Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are a difficult, meaningful and important process. We understand the weight of your decision to undertake an investigation, and we want you to know there is someone on your side.

Looking to Conduct a Workplace Investigation?

Let’s say something has happened in your workplace that is of great concern to you. It may be an allegation of wrongdoing by one employee against another or a systemic workplace issue. As the manager, should you investigate the employment matter yourself, or should you consider an external professionally conducted investigation?

In some cases, it may be necessary to appoint an external investigator to determine the facts, so you know what action to take.

In fact, in a recent case, we assisted a not-for-profit client who discovered evidence of employee fraud. Our employment lawyers appointed an independent legal investigator under legal professional privilege who interviewed witnesses, reviewed the documentary evidence, and produced a report that laid out misconduct findings. 

An integral part of the advice that the experienced team at WilliamsonBarwick gave to the client was to give the employee the proper opportunity to respond to the allegations and findings. The employee was dismissed and subsequently challenged the dismissal through the Fair Work Commission. 

However, the former employee was unsuccessful in their endeavours to obtain a remedy because our client had ensured, through the independent investigation, that they had a valid reason for the dismissal and that all procedural fairness protocol was adhered to. 

So, the next time workplace disputes arise at your business or organisation which may require an investigation, get in touch with us.

Conducting Independent Workplace Investigations: Our Services

Our team can appoint an investigator for you and oversee the investigation process so as to provide you with confidential legal advice on the investigation report. We also advise on whistleblower complaints and can coordinate an investigation that complies with whistleblower legislation.

With our support, you can conduct investigations and handle any issue that may arise in a manner that will minimise risk and strengthen your business. 

We can provide legal advice and assistance on the following areas of workplace investigations: 

  • Determining the appropriate response to allegations such as sexual harassment, workplace bullying, workplace misconduct and other workplace complaints
  • Appearing with you in interviews alongside the independent investigators
  • Preparing documentation to initiate complex investigations 
  • Corresponding with tribunals or boards which may be conducting a workplace investigation at your business organisation 

We understand that every workforce has its own culture and unique set of challenges, so our legal advice will always be tailored to the specific investigation and grievance procedure.

Why Choose the WilliamsonBarwick Team for Your Workplace Training?

At WilliamsonBarwick, we are proud to offer our clients a wealth of experience and expertise in conflict resolution, workplace investigations, and the management of complex and sensitive workplace issues. 

Our team of lawyers is highly sought after for their ability to navigate these delicate matters with skill and discretion. When you choose the WilliamsonBarwick team for your appropriate workplace behaviour training, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible advice and guidance on how to resolve conflicts and build a more respectful and positive work environment. 

We also advise clients on best practices for managing workplace conflict and conducting investigations.

We are committed to helping our clients create healthy and thriving workplaces, and we would be honoured to put our experience and knowledge to work for you.

 Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you create a thriving workplace.


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Our workplace lawyers understand that having a law firm represent your business isn’t just about avoiding an employment law issue but also about strengthening your business. We work hard to get the best outcomes for our clients, so you can focus on what you do best.

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