In accordance with the national harmonised work health and safety laws that were adopted by NSW in 2012, WorkCover NSW has released 12 new Codes of Practice. Some replace a number of existing codes that were in place under previous occupational health and safety laws.

The 12 new Codes of Practice are:

  • First aid in the workplace
  • Construction work
  • Preventing falls in housing construction
  • Managing electrical risks in the workplace
  • Managing risks of hazardous chemicals in the workplace
  • Managing the risks of plant in the workplace
  • Safe design of structures
  • Excavation work
  • Demolition work
  • Welding processes
  • Spray painting and powder coating
  • Abrasive blasting

The five Codes of Practice revoked to avoid duplication or conflict are:

  • Excavation work
  • Safe Work on Roofs Part 2-residential buildings
  • Work in Hot and Cold Environments
  • Amenities for Construction Work
  • Prevention of Occupational Overuse Syndrome

While most relate to building and construction, some will have application in factories and offices, such as the Code on First Aid in the workplace.

The Codes commenced on Friday, 18 July 2014 and are available on the WorkCover website. For further information on the new Codes of Practice visit or call 131050.