We deal with all aspects of day to day business operations, once again taking a strategic approach in dealing with employees, Unions and other third parties.

WilliamsonBarwick can assist employers with managing such issues:

· as poor performance (especially of managers);

· counselling and disciplinary issues in the workplace before termination of employment becomes necessary;

· allegations of discrimination and/or sexual harassment;

· allegations of bullying and workplace harassment;

· managing required changes to corporate culture;

· issues relating to workplace surveillance;

· transfers of business and blending workplace cultures;

· developing workplace health and safety policies and procedures;

· Enterprise Agreement negotiations;

· creating and implementing updated Letters of Offer and Employment Contracts, employment policies and procedures, as well as workplace flexibility agreements.

WilliamsonBarwick arranges workplace investigations.

Some of our work also involves defending work health and safety prosecutions.

We also manage workplace litigation in the Local, District, Supreme Court, the Federal Court, the Fair Work Commission, the state Industrial Relations Commissions, the Australian Human Rights Commission, the state Anti-discrimination tribunals.

WilliamsonBarwick also appears in other specialist Commissions and Tribunals, including the Coroner’s Court and the Independent Commission Against Corruption.