At every stage of the business lifecycle we recognise the importance of education to empower employers by transferring information and skills to our clients through workplace and boardroom training.

Brian Williamson is a “suitable provider” as deemed by the Fair Work Ombudsman to provide workplace training to directors, managers and employees.

WilliamsonBarwick offers a range of workplace training programs including:

· Anti-Bullying Law obligations and how to manage complaints to management;

· Anti-Discrimination Law obligations and how to manage complaints to management;

· Award compliance;

· Conducting and managing Workplace Investigations;

· How Employment Contracts should be created and what key matters must be addressed in them;

· Performance Management – What to do and what to avoid;

· Fair Work Act– How it Works and What it Means to Your Workplace;

· Negotiating Enterprise Agreements;

· Setting up and implementing robust redundancy programs;

· Work Health & Safety Laws – What to Do and What to Avoid;

· Independent Contractors and issues with their management; and

· Drafting workplace policies and implementing them.

Contact us to discuss your training requirements and we will be happy to tailor a solution for your business or read more about our upcoming events.