WilliamsonBarwick turns chaos into clarity, risks into solutions, uncertainty into knowledge and fear into confidence.

Whether you want to check if you are doing the right thing, need support with a one off matter, or would like to get access to our strategic advice, we’re the lawyers that employers trust!

Therefore, we can advise on:

· allegations of serious misconduct requiring immediate action by an employer;

· union rights of entry;

· managing industrial action and resultant litigation;

· industrial sabotage;

· work health and safety inspections and

· the rights of WorkCover and Fair Work Ombudsman’s inspectors.

Unfortunately, we are often called upon to assist employers with managing the legal fall out of an injury or death in the workplace, loss of intellectual property or staff being poached by a client’s opposition.

As a crisis moves from its opening phase into a management phase, we can also assist with that change.

See our Managing page for more details.